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Pg. 19: Patch In, Patch Out

Pg. 19: Patch In, Patch Out published on No Comments on Pg. 19: Patch In, Patch Out

Orson’s team scrambles to catch up with Markesha before their cover’s blown.

After immigrating to Trinity Audrey’s first job was working in a mechanic shop. There she began to learn English as she repaired and built vehicles for customers. Audrey befriended the Outlander scavenger who sold parts to the shop owner, and convinced the scavenger to let her come along. Combing through the wreckage of the Old World Audrey found the last needed parts for her bike. Over the years she cobbled together other parts and modified the bike. It continues to be a work in progress. Audrey affectionately named it Vlad. Orson prefers to call it, “an accident waiting to happen.”

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