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Kamikaze fanart
Fanart at Dan Howard at

Our objective is to take Kamikaze from webcomic to animated series, and we can’t do that without fans like you.

Kamikaze is a big, ambitious project. It breaks many molds of traditional animated TV series. In order to get it on the air, we need the support of fans of all stripes.

The show is for people who have grown up watching great animated shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. We think it’s about time animated stories grew up too.

We are proud to be a fan-driven project. If you want to see something like Kamikaze on the air, we’d love your support.


How You Can Help
1. Share the comic with friends, family, coworkers and fellow potential fans!

2. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Tumblr for sneak peeks of new pages, swag and art team shenanigans.

3. Ping us at contact [at] kamikazeanimated.comĀ for a fan kit!

Follow us to get more news about the project, get sneak peeks at more artwork, and learn more about the world of Kamikaze.

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