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Hiatus Post – MomoCon and Patreon!

Hiatus Post – MomoCon and Patreon! published on No Comments on Hiatus Post – MomoCon and Patreon!

Hey y’all, last week we told you that Episode 3 Act 2 would begin today. Unfortunately, that won’t happen this week as we’ve been hit by a bus called MomoCon Prep! We hope you’ll enjoy seeing our newest backdrop!

MomoCon is happening this weekend in our home city of Atlanta, GA. We’ll be at artist alley table AA-30, and we’ve got lots of panels! Check out our schedule:

Character Design from the Inside Out – Thursday @ 4:00pm, Panels 315

So, You Wanna Make a Webcomic? – Thursday @ 5:30, Panels 311

Kickstarting Creative Projects – Friday @ 11:30pm, Panels 316

GUEST SPEAKER! Writing for Comics – Saturday @ 10:00am, Panels 315

NEW! Written Images: Storytelling in Comics – Saturday @ 11:30pm, Panels 315

GUEST SPEAKER! Get Your Stiletto in the Door – Sun @ 4:00pm, Panels 315

We also have exciting news: After four years of running Kamikaze non-stop, we’re finally taking the leap onto Patreon!  Readers like you have been asking for it, and we decided it’s high time that we delivered. Our Patreon will go live tomorrow (Thursday May 24th), and will have reward tiers ranging from backer-only updates to credit in the next book! Want a reminder? Sign up for our mailing list for updates!

We’ll return next Wednesday with Act 2! Thank you for your patience, for supporting us and most of all, thanks for reading!

Team Kamikaze

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