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Holiday Hiatus: A True Believer

Holiday Hiatus: A True Believer published on No Comments on Holiday Hiatus: A True Believer

Merry Christmas! We’re on break this week, and we’ll resume the story next week. Link really, really loves his Lumenox (Trinity Christmas) Holiday TV Specials.

Every Lumenox, Inner Trinity broadcasts a collection of Holiday Specials to the Halo and Outer Trinity. These TV programs are largely targeted at children, but some have ended up becoming favorites which appeal to the whole household. As a holiday centered on remembering the struggle to survive the first few winters after the founding of Trinity, Lumenox has the potential to be quite grim. This is generally not the direction taken with the Holiday Specials, which instead focus on the generosity of the High Houses of Trinity, and the importance of loyalty and perseverance. Naturally the Specials are also crammed to the gills with advertisements for toys, food supplements, and high-interest short-term holiday loans.

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