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Inktober Hiatus: “Dodge”

Inktober Hiatus: “Dodge” published on No Comments on Inktober Hiatus: “Dodge”

Hey y’all! Alan here. So things are a little topsy-turvy here at Team Kamikaze. Havana is still rocking her maternity leave with Baby Sid, and Carrie is currently sidelined due to some big health stuff that doesn’t leave her much energy for well, really anything. That pretty much leaves me to fly the ship. As a result, I’m declaring a Inktober Hiatus. I’ll be doing Inktober prompts with a Kamikaze twist and post them here at least once a week. For those eager to see the story continue, don’t worry! We’re eager too, and we’ll be back at it as soon as the full Team can put energy towards page production. Thanks to everyone who supports us on this wild project!


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