Two centuries after a global ecological disaster, the worlds of a mysterious covert operation and a young courier collide when a critical mission is blown. Markesha Nin only wants one thing: to find a better life for herself and her father. Hell bent on escaping the only home she’s ever known for a better place, she takes a risky job that blows up in her face. Caught in a deadly trap with nowhere to turn, her only chance at finding a better life could ensnare her in a dangerous game she may never escape. Kamikaze is an award winning webcomic series inspired in equal parts by popular sci-fi, animation, and a wide range of current affairs. With a rich world and complex character driven storylines the series is an action-packed tale with an intimate dramatic heart.

2022 Retrospective!

2022 Retrospective! published on No Comments on 2022 Retrospective!

It’s almost the end of December, which means it’s time for our 2022 Retrospective! This year has been one filled with transitions and change. In March, we started Episode 4 “Windshear” after an extended health-related hiatus. It’s been great to get back to telling the story of what happens after Markesha helps Orson break out… Continue reading 2022 Retrospective!

Ep. 4 Act 1 Page 13: Cerberus

Ep. 4 Act 1 Page 13: Cerberus published on No Comments on Ep. 4 Act 1 Page 13: Cerberus

Looks like Markesha and Orson might have some unfriendly locals in their future! While a miracle of post-Withering science, the anti-gravity tech which allows HIVE surveillance drones to stay airborne does nothing against the wind. Above a certain wind speed, the built-in thrusters are helpless in keeping the drones in one place. To prevent expensive… Continue reading Ep. 4 Act 1 Page 13: Cerberus