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Pg. 14: Hard Packed

Pg. 14: Hard Packed published on No Comments on Pg. 14: Hard Packed

Arguments and introducing exotic technology to skittish rookies are always a great combination.


Due to the C-Amp Silk material the suit is made of tailoring cannot be accomplished through the usual scissor, needle and thread affair. The best way to modify a suit like the one Markesha’s wearing is to use heat. Tailoring has had to be done in the past, so Audrey gathered an industrial laser cutter, large calipers, an adjustable wrench and a questionable power source to create the perfect tailoring tool. The cutter emits a bright hot beam of energy that simultaneously cuts and cauterizes the fabric closed. Thankfully the material of the suit dissipates the heat well enough that residual burns aren’t a problem.

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