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Pg. 19: Rough Cut

Pg. 19: Rough Cut published on 3 Comments on Pg. 19: Rough Cut

With dawn breaking Markesha’s run out of time and Rio has to stick to her schedule. The countdown continues, only 3 pages left to the end of Episode 2!

At the end of each of Trinity’s city gates lies a convoy docking station. Each station is heavily guarded to protect from would-be intruders, and they are owned and operated by either High Houses Pierce or Heritage. The safest way to get goods and people between city states is on the caravans that leave from these docking stations. Transports with goods from High Houses travel with heavily armed escorts. Smaller merchant vehicles will often tag alongside like small fish around a shark. These caravans are prime targets for Outlander raiding parties, and small merchant vehicles are the most vulnerable prey.  Raiders cause as much chaos as possible to separate the less protected vehicles from the caravan, using their mobility and knowledge of the terrain to their advantage. It’s very rare for a High House entourage to turn back to save their travel companions from the raiding parties. Such heroics have uncertain outcomes which are often bad for business.


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