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Pg. 4: Hail Mary

Pg. 4: Hail Mary published on 2 Comments on Pg. 4: Hail Mary

Franco didn’t know the whole story, but that didn’t stop him from sending Markesha into danger.

Due to lack of paper resources cash money in Trinity is printed on recycled plastic sheets. Each bill has a small square of compufoil that proves authenticity and can store metadata of the last 16 “authorized transactions.” The compufoil also allows for ease of counting via quick scan. A stack of cash can be swiped over a scanner which adds up the worth of the stack. Would be forgers will often cut new compufoil squares with recompiled code in order to create counterfeit cash, however these are usually easy to identify due to a sloppy fusing between the plastic and compufoil.

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