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Ep. 4 Act 2 Page 26: Echoes and Implants

Ep. 4 Act 2 Page 26: Echoes and Implants published on No Comments on Ep. 4 Act 2 Page 26: Echoes and Implants

Markesha used Swear At Your New Boss! It’s Super Effective!

A cameo? Of Bianca Cornerstone? My, my…

Embedded Recovery Beacons were an implant device used by High House Cornerstone to keep tabs on individuals with sensitive information which could impact House security. Designed and manufactured by House Prometheus to discretely report on rough location, the beacons could be actively pinged if the correct cryptographic keys were used. This active pinging causes the beacon to light up in proximity to a transmitter, making on-the-ground search operations easier to execute.

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