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Ep. 4 Act 2 Page 6: Tuck In

Ep. 4 Act 2 Page 6: Tuck In published on No Comments on Ep. 4 Act 2 Page 6: Tuck In

Everyone’s just a little bit tired.

The Kamikaze webcomic is officially 9 years old now! It’s wild to think that the very first pages were posted July 25th 2014!

FAFOTECH hasn’t changed their console user interface much over the years. Some within R&D worried (privately of course) about the Order Ammo button being right next to the Panic button, however the turret manufacturer hasn’t received any complaints about it. There have been a surprisingly large number of repeat ammunition orders placed from customers who are mysteriously no longer alive to receive shipment when the ammo gets there. FAFOTECH marketing takes this as an encouragement to further aggressively push ammunition sales.

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