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Midnight Run Pg. 10

Midnight Run Pg. 10 published on 2 Comments on Midnight Run Pg. 10

Who won? Who lost? The debate rages on.

For those willing to pay an arm and a leg, Outer Trinity can in fact provide some borderline opulent accommodations.  Deadlocking the door is still a prudent policy in such establishments, just in case.

A huge Thank You to everyone who we met at Anime Weekend Atlanta! We’ll be working to publish online versions of our panels, and you can watch the online version of “Character Design from the Inside Out” right now on YouTube.

Midnight Run is a guest comic by Dan Jolley, Jamel Jones, and Licca Kirk.  The main story will resume soon.

Dan’s newest book LARP! was just published by Dark Horse. Go check it out!

Kamikaze updates every Wednesday. Follow us on Facebook or Tumblr for news and more!

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