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Midnight Run Pg. 9

Midnight Run Pg. 9 published on 1 Comment on Midnight Run Pg. 9

With Flare out of the way, Kamikaze claims the case.  But who really has the last laugh?

Equipment cases intended to leave the confines of Inner Trinity are often over-engineered to a ludicrous degree.  They are airtight, watertight, and resistant to thermal, chemical, physical, and electrical shocks well above what would be reasonable to expect.  This has led some to speculate that the designers of the cases have never actually been outside the Wall.


Midnight Run is a guest comic by Dan Jolley, Jamel Jones, and Licca Kirk.  The main story will resume soon.

Dan’s newest book LARP! was just published by Dark Horse. Go check it out!

Kamikaze updates every Wednesday. Follow us on Facebook or Tumblr for news and more!

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