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Midnight Run Pg. 5

Midnight Run Pg. 5 published on No Comments on Midnight Run Pg. 5

Kamikaze gets a little distracted in her pursuit for the missions target.

Flare’s fighting style is a deadly concoction featuring gymnastics, judo and a heavy dosage of capoeira. She favors capoeira because it’s easy to use in close quarters and allows her small frame to create hard hitting blows that leave her victims sucking air. Kicks from Flare have been known to shatter ribs. Lucky for Kamikaze, the suit protects her frame from hard blows…but fractures can still hurt!


Midnight Run is a guest comic by Dan Jolley, Jamel Jones, and Licca Kirk.  The main story will resume soon.

Dan’s newest book LARP! was just published by Dark Horse. Go check it out!

Kamikaze updates every Wednesday. Follow us on Facebook or Tumblr for news and more!


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