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Pg. 1: Terminal Greetings

Pg. 1: Terminal Greetings published on No Comments on Pg. 1: Terminal Greetings

Constance dodges the press and welcomes the Heritage entourage to the Halo.

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The Ray-Car Terminals are a legacy of the partnership of High House Cornerstone and Heritage. There are 6 of them dotted around the inner side of the Wall. This practical transportation system was built during the Wall’s refurbishment in 2206 as a means of encouraging further relations between Inner City and Halo houses. A feature was included as a security measure which allows the HSF to stop and lock down the car in transit or keep the cars from being used at all. The lock-down procedure was not used during Security Incident 3614 as the HSF never expected the perpetrator to find his way into the terminal.

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