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Pg. 1: Pulse of the Night

Pg. 1: Pulse of the Night published on 1 Comment on Pg. 1: Pulse of the Night

Markesha’s making a last ditch run for it, now if only she can get past the doorman.

One of the finer examples of upscale inhalant establishments, or gas-bars as they’re commonly called, is Circulaire. It features a wide variety of entertainment and is among the few bars in Southgate where you can get a shot of exorbitantly priced real hard liquor. Circulaire’s most popular selling vice isn’t a liquid but a gas. Oxygen and nitrous oxide are served in “shots” through inhaler like devices. The gas-bar is popular not only for its classy atmosphere but for the “personal company” they provide in back rooms. Circulaire keeps a strict admittance age of 20 and enforces it through the use of a Halo Card. Verifying ages through Halo Cards assures their clients are of a “higher caliber” than the normal rabble.


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