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Pg. 1: Ready for Feedback

Pg. 1: Ready for Feedback published on 4 Comments on Pg. 1: Ready for Feedback

Audrey’s finished the pack, but the only person who’d care isn’t home yet.

Audrey has a habit of talking to her creations in her native language. It’s a habit that drives Link up the wall, while Orson doesn’t really care as long as the work gets done.

Within Audrey’s notes this new pack model is called K-05. She’s made four other iterations of the pack over her time working for Orson. From Audrey’s point of view, each pack has it’s own unique ‘personality’. A-01 was lethargic and slow to respond, while model D-02 was hypersensitive. Then came F-03 which was desperate for attention and neurotic. The pack Jackal used, H-04, was dependable but exacting. Only time will tell what kind of personality K-05 has.

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