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Pg. 13: Baggage

Pg. 13: Baggage published on 2 Comments on Pg. 13: Baggage

Markesha isn’t giving her father the room to argue. The only way out is running.  So ends Act 3, what will happen next?  We’ll be taking a two week story break, but check back next week for new art!

Leather is a hard substance to come by in Trinity. Traditional resources for leather such as livestock are too valuable and rare for someone to simply kill for their hide. While the Inner City has access to livestock animals, they’re only killed for very special occasions. Alternatively, in the Outlands leather is widely available, admittedly in very small oddly shaped patches. It’s used for everything from clothing and tools to children’s toys. The most common leather-crafted item in the Outlands is the sturdy and weather resistant  trek bag. Enterprising Outlanders hunt wild game as their trade, selling the hides in cities they pass through. The only thing the Inner City and the Outlanders have in common when it comes to killing animals is that no part is EVER wasted.

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