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Pg. 16: Hunger Pains

Pg. 16: Hunger Pains published on No Comments on Pg. 16: Hunger Pains

Audrey’s had enough of Markesha’s outbursts, thank you very much. But bodily functions provide a clue to what may be exacerbating the Nin household’s grumpy attitudes.

The average citizen in Outer Trinity eats a meager meal every 10 to 12 hours. Usually consumed in the morning and just before bed, these meals consist of whatever provisions a person can find. Rice is a common staple that may be sprinkled with edible algae or seaweed cultivated from the river. Slivers of protein come from fish, rodents, and above all insects. A popular insect based food is the Crunch Cake. Water, rice flour, and cockroach powder are mixed into a muddy patty and set in a sunny place to dry. Many parents will mix crushed vitamin supplements into Crunch Cakes for children who can’t (or won’t) take them in pill form.

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