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Pg. 16: Knock Knock

Pg. 16: Knock Knock published on No Comments on Pg. 16: Knock Knock

Link and Audrey explain the plan for infiltrating the Wall, but Markesha’s got questions.

Cut the wall in half and you could read it’s age and structure much like a geologist could read soil. Newer construction is expanded up and around the older structures. Due to simple practicality the Wall had to be smooth on outward facing sides to protect from food thieves and thrill seekers. As the Wall has gotten impossibly taller, the smoothness of it’s surface became less of a factor. Expansion projects from the last 60 years have left craggy uneven surfaces on the outward facing structure. Most citizens of the Outer City aren’t aware of this simply because they can’t see these details from so far below.

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