Pg. 2: Cartwheel

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Markesha’s been called out, but father and daughter are talking past each other.   Toshi’s headphones are, much like his computer deck, an ancient model. They’re new to him, though! A gift given to him by Markesha for his last birthday, he treasures this little bit of uncomplicated technology that allow him to listen to… Continue reading Pg. 2: Cartwheel

Pg. 4: In Waiting

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Back in the Halo, Logan relishes seeing Constance’s anxiety at seeing someone from her past, and Julian pushes Orson for answers.   The skill of driving isn’t necessary to many in Trinity. In fact it’s seen largely as a trade skill. For Outer City citizens driving or flying is something to put on the resume,… Continue reading Pg. 4: In Waiting

Pg. 5: The Coward

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Julian’s questions leave Orson feeling cold, but this day could get much, much worse. News Media outlets in Trinity are rarely of an unbiased nature seeing as all of them are run by different Houses in the Inner City. Broadcasts and reporting anywhere outside of the Inner City are spun by the House media commission… Continue reading Pg. 5: The Coward

Pg. 8: Impassive

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Orson succeeds getting under Ifrit’s skin and pays the price for it. As Commander of the HSF, one has the entire army of Trinity’s Halo Security Forces at their disposal. They report to and work directly under the Trinity Council, but have the freedom to do as they see fit to keep the last defense… Continue reading Pg. 8: Impassive