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Pg. 21: Half-Calibrated

Pg. 21: Half-Calibrated published on No Comments on Pg. 21: Half-Calibrated

Audrey and Link struggle against the limitations of their half-calibrated tools. Happy Halloween, y’all!

Outer Trinity is home to several motorbike racing leagues. Each league has it’s own culture, colors and expectations for riders and their bikes. Small races are held once a month by an individual league, riders who place in these “dust-ups” are rewarded with a slot in the OT Street Ride. Held once a year the OT Street Ride is an unsanctioned event that weaves a path through the Outer City streets at night. Audrey’s had a keen interest in the sport, and never misses the yearly showdown. Orson has tagged along a few times. He listens politely as Audrey gushes over the pros and cons of specific bike modifications, engine choices, or fuel sources. While Audrey seems a passionate fan, she also seems to know more than she should. She’s never given a straight answer as to whether she’s been involved with one of the leagues.

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