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Pg. 24: Liar, Liar

Pg. 24: Liar, Liar published on No Comments on Pg. 24: Liar, Liar

It’s Toshi’s turn to ask questions, and Link is really thankful Markesha’s dad can’t see his terrible poker face.

This week readers voted to learn about Markesha’s running habit! Click here to vote for next week’s world-building notes!

Markesha’s been running ever since she could remember. An active child from the get-go, Markesha had a habit of disappearing on her parents in slow moving crowds. Racing against other neighborhood kids was a favorite pastime, but much of that changed after the disappearance of her mother. Alienated by those around her, Markesha found creative ways to avoid others at all costs. She abandoned the stifling streets to bound across the open skyline. Over time running became less of a practiced talent and more of a coping mechanism turned career path. Unfortunately, there is no outrunning a broken heart…

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