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Pg. 25: Bad Connection

Pg. 25: Bad Connection published on No Comments on Pg. 25: Bad Connection

Markesha’s found her runners rhythm, but the sudden sound of Audrey’s voice throws off her groove!

This week readers voted to learn about the anatomy of a Kong in Parkour! Click here to vote for next week’s world-building notes! ->

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If Markesha were to train you on running in Trinity one lesson would include “the Kong.” To learn about this move, one must first understand the purpose of Parkour: get to a destination as fast and efficiently as possible, by running, jumping, climbing, ect. Established in the 21st century Parkour is less a sport and more of an art in forward momentum. The Kong is a staple move, where the body passes over obstacles with the legs between the arms. Momentum is first gained with by running, and then continued as the runner plants their hands on the obstacle surface and launches themselves forward with their arms. At its core the Kong is a simple vault, but it’s power comes from building upon and then keeping pace of momentum. It’s perfect for covering long obstacles and gaining distance at the same time, which makes the Kong one of Markesha’s favored moves.

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