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Pg. 4: Diverge

Pg. 4: Diverge published on No Comments on Pg. 4: Diverge

Audrey’s still upset about Orson’s choice in new recruit, and the team scatters to their destinations. Audrey and Link to the Nin home, and Orson to the Razor compound.

While not common in Outer Trinity, high performance limb replacements are available to those with the means and the need.  As with most complex electro-mechanical devices outside the Wall, dust and grit buildup are persistent problems.  Because artificial limbs need so much attention to keep functional, their owners often dote on it heavily.  This often means cosmetic flourishes, including neon lighting, paint jobs, or even full holo-emitters.

From the Official Kamikaze Wiki Entry: “Prosthetics in Outer Trinity”


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