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Pg. 32: Edge of the Inferno

Pg. 32: Edge of the Inferno published on No Comments on Pg. 32: Edge of the Inferno

As Link and Audrey discuss their options Markesha’s getting away. Or is she?

Technology is the name of the game for the Pierce House sponsored gang known as the DireDogs. Commonly referred to as “the Dogs” (much to the annoyance of certain members) the gang is made up of two factions: one part mercenary spyders, and one part street muscle. With a flair for theatrics, every member is provided a lighted uniform and unsettling mask. These masks are worn for all DireDog business, providing wearers with instant communication, keener perception, voice changing capabilities and a semblance of anonymity. This sense of anonymity gives gang members a bolder attitude toward the outside world. The Dogs have been expanding into the Razors territory at every opportunity. So, Toro assigned “fixing the mutt problem,” to Carmen. These tech hounds have been a constant thorn to the Lieutenant Commander, and Carmen’s all too eager to be rid of them.

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