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Pg. 31: Spark, Glitch, Crash

Pg. 31: Spark, Glitch, Crash published on No Comments on Pg. 31: Spark, Glitch, Crash

Miscommunications run rampant when Markesha’s comm-unit glitches out. She can hear them, but they can’t hear her!

The best way to collect fresh water in Outer Trinity is by rain barrel. When a large storm system comes through, rain barrels are shoved under every possible spout, awning, overhang, and roof line. Though water isn’t scarce in Trinity by any means thanks to the Trinity river that flows east of the city, rain water is cleaner by a a large margin. River water must be filtered multiple times using expensive filtration units – which means truly clean water is only available to those who can afford it. But the script flips when storm clouds stack up! Even the elite within Inner Trinity who can afford the best of filtration systems, use rain barrels when storms roll through.

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