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Pg. 4: Gratitude

Pg. 4: Gratitude published on 8 Comments on Pg. 4: Gratitude

Toshi and Orson have a little chat while Markesha’s busy finding Patience.

Patience is a sawed off model PTS-130. This model had it’s heyday decades ago, but since then has fallen out of favor. They’re now found in Outer Trinity pawnshops, and are a favored weapon for Outlanders. While functioning models are still around, most of them require quite a lot of repair.  The cobbled together nature of these guns give them their nickname “Patchworks.”

Markesha can shoot a gun just fine, but Toshi, even blind, is more skilled at target practice. Unfortunately the gun has fallen into disrepair, and their supply of ammunition was largely wasted with Markesha’s failed target practice. Toshi and Markesha haven’t taken the best care of Patience, though it once had an owner who did.


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