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Pg. 5: Update

Pg. 5: Update published on 1 Comment on Pg. 5: Update
 Delmar gets Carmen up to speed as they race to get to Toro.

Delmar Tavera. Carmen’s right hand. Delmar remembers when Carmen first stepped into the Razor’s compound. He even taught her how to shoot, though his student has far surpassed him. While he still does recruiting for the gang, he prefers the term “community outreach.”

Gangs without corporate sponsors have a harder life in Trinity, and this holds especially true for the Razors. While Toro’s managed to keep them afloat, rival gangs are moving in and taking precious territory. The Dire Dogs and the Nines have been picking off small bits of the Razors turf, and getting bolder with every inch of ground gained.

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