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SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 7

SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 7 published on 1 Comment on SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 7

Our young thief Diz arrives home, and immediately gets some flack from her sister and “friends”.  Don’t forget: the Kickstarter for Kamikaze Volume 2 is launching next week!

As the newest, most aggressive of the three major gangs in Outer Trinity, the Dire Dogs don’t have that much trouble recruiting fresh blood.  Between promises of power and respect, they offer access to food and tech that’s simply out of reach of most in the outer city.

The Volume 2 Kickstarter launches on May 24th!

SoundBox is a special hiatus spin-off comic.  Written by Malissa White, with art by Jamel Jones and colors by Hank Jones.

Buy a printed copy of Kamikaze: Volume 1 today to help support the Team!

Kamikaze updates every Wednesday and is currently on hiatus. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr for news and more.

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