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SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 8

SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 8 published on 3 Comments on SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 8

Diz tunes out the rest of the world to work on her music, but Kori has other plans.  Don’t forget: the Kickstarter for Kamikaze Volume 2 is launching next week!

Hearing aid implants rely on the same tech Spyders use for their direct sensory jacks.   However, given the fact the comparatively simpler hearing aid tech is considerably more expensive.  The few manufacturers in Inner Trinity are satisfied with the conclusion that this is because there isn’t such a direct demand for hearing aids compared to the constant arms race among hackers.

The Volume 2 Kickstarter launches on May 24th!

SoundBox is a special hiatus spin-off comic.  Written by Malissa White, with art by Jamel Jones and colors by Hank Jones.

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