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Link’s Download – The State of Southgate

Link’s Download – The State of Southgate published on No Comments on Link’s Download – The State of Southgate

Link starts to dig into Orson’s research assignment while the situation in the Southgate district continues to deteriorate.

Team Kamikaze is on a short hiatus creating awesome new content.  Here’s a time-lapse video of Havana hard at work cleaning an upcoming page!

Given how often the landscape of buildings can change in Outer Trinity, and how secretive the Inner City is, finding a good map of Trinity is difficult. The best and most up-to-date maps are usually created by hackers known as Spyders. Using a bit of creative data wrangling, they’ll patch together footage from HIVE security drones that police Trinity’s skyline into detailed maps. These maps are hard to come by for the regular Joe, but more nefarious folks can get their hands on them for the right price. Couriers like Markesha can’t rely on these maps, so had made maps cobbled together from multiple sources are the best ways to find delivery drop offs. 

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