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Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 40: Discovery

Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 40: Discovery published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 40: Discovery

Markesha’s found Orson, and he’s with more company than she bargained for. This ends Act 3! Tune in next for the beginning of the thrilling conclusion to Episode 3!

In a world filled with dust you can expect that dust to get…well, everywhere. While both the inner and outer city use filtration systems in individual homes, the Halo is unique in that the Wall itself has filtration systems built into the structure. They’re replaced every month but dust, inevitably gets in places one would least expect. On several occasions elevators have ground to a halt with the friction of collected dust inside their shafts. Renovations of Upper Halo Houses will check on their plumbing or wiring only to find the very walls stuffed with sand. Most recently an officers quarters was found, that housed the earliest version of the HSF some 200 years old. The entire room and every surface inside was covered in a thick layer of sand blown in from the dust storms long past.

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