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Ep. 4 Act 3 Page 3: Tipping Point

Ep. 4 Act 3 Page 3: Tipping Point published on No Comments on Ep. 4 Act 3 Page 3: Tipping Point

With an emergency unfolding, Markesha leaps into action! Orson however, has some quick pointers.


Buildings in Outer Trinity aren’t so much planned, so much as they are improvised. As needs shift, materials become available, or neighborly relations evolve, the buildings are adapted in response. Street merchants who find a workable spot may often graft a permanent booth onto the side of a structure. This is generally done with loose consent from the building occupants. These booths are just as improvised as the buildings they’re attached to, and sometimes booth maintenance is deferred indefinitely until entropy renders maintenance a moot point.

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