Pg. 26: Failover

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Both Audrey and Link have come up empty, and Link suggests more direct means of stopping Markesha. Over the years, cranial implant technology has progressed. As a consequence, it’s no longer necessary for a impantee to sport external contacts, which are vulnerable to corrosion and mechanical failures. Newer models are completely subdermal, and invisible to… Continue reading Pg. 26: Failover

Pg. 27: Initiating

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Markesha gets a first taste of what Audrey’s tech can do! Anti-grav technology throughout Trinity works largely due to experimental technology developed in the 22nd century by the near-mythical Icarus Group. The mind behind this science is largely uncredited, but many believe it stemmed from Dr. Zola M Adebayo. Using a system known as the… Continue reading Pg. 27: Initiating

Pg. 28: Safety Concerns

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Audrey tries to convince the Rabbit to stop running. When working on Orson’s team certain safety protocols are in place depending on the situation that the team runs up against. Obviously, there’s the panic code protocols for when a team member is in serious trouble, but Orson has put other protocols in place. These include… Continue reading Pg. 28: Safety Concerns

Pg. 34: Counter Interception

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Audrey makes her move to recover Markesha but is surprised by the new recruit. As a last ditch preventative measure during violent gang conflicts, residents in the affected area will lock all doors and windows before fleeing. Making a building somewhat impenetrable means less structure damage and less looting of property. This was a pretty… Continue reading Pg. 34: Counter Interception

Pg. 19: Debut

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Markesha’s made some striking modifications to the suit. Past recruits never made any alterations to the suit beyond hardware. Link’s suggested “tricking out” suits on multiple occasions, but no one’s had the desire, creativity or much less skill to do it. In Orson’s opinion adding patterns or color wouldn’t provide function of any sort. The… Continue reading Pg. 19: Debut