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Link’s Download – Markesha In Focus

Link’s Download – Markesha In Focus published on 14 Comments on Link’s Download – Markesha In Focus

Link finally gets around to researching Markesha, and what’s absent is just as intriguing as what’s not.

Team Kamikaze is on a short hiatus creating awesome new content.  We recorded another time-lapse of Havana cleaning up pages, check it out beneath the page-break!

To work the somewhat better-paying blue collar jobs within the Halo, Outer Trinity residents have to undergo a rigorously stringent application process.  The wait times and feedback an applicant receives regarding their application are generally long, though they are notoriously short for those who have attracted the attention of a House.  Given how tedious a process it is, most residents will stop trying to apply after one or two failed attempts.

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