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Pg. 10: New Duds

Pg. 10: New Duds published on No Comments on Pg. 10: New Duds

Link and Audrey need to talk, but they can’t do that in front of Markesha. Time for a convenient distraction!

Snoop around in Audrey’s workspace for half a second and you’ll notice a large box labeled “A Repara.” Full of all manner of objects and all of them broken. A habit picked up from helping in her mother’s repair shop, whenever Audrey finds an item in need of repair it goes into the box. When an item is finally repaired it’s returned to its owner, given away or sold. This box can be almost a time capsule of the team’s past, as some objects found inside have belonged to past recruits. Many of the things belonging to past recruits have remained broken, as Audrey has always struggled to bring herself to repair an item she cannot return to its owner.

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