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Pg. 9: Funny Feeling

Pg. 9: Funny Feeling published on No Comments on Pg. 9: Funny Feeling

It’s a very special update: Four years ago from today, we launched Kamikaze! Thank you all so much for the fantastic journey so far.  Here’s a special video message from Alan:

Link and Markesha share a moment that leaves them both unnerved.

The ACLARO-78 is a comm-chip used by the team is a subdermal implant injected deep into the muscle by the mandible. It uses bone conductivity to transmit communication through the body without the need of cumbersome gear that could get destroyed. The team can hear one another and their own surroundings simultaneously. As helpful as it is, when the communication line has been errantly left open there’s been a few awkward moments. Protocols have been put into place to ensure that unwanted chatter is halted until needed again. However, if someone wanted to listen in on their teammates without detection they absolutely could…if they have the right codes.

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