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Pg. 10: Out of Retirement

Pg. 10: Out of Retirement published on 2 Comments on Pg. 10: Out of Retirement

While his daughter’s been busy making deals, Toshi’s been working his own angle.

About a year and a half ago Markesha finally convinced Toshi that she was capable of being the breadwinner for the household. Retirement wasn’t something that came easy to Toshi, especially considering he thrived under hard deadlines and enjoyed the people he worked with. However, his trust in Markesha kept him focused on his own projects. Circumstances as they are he’s getting back into the game.

The Outer Trinity data net is simultaneously too slap-dash to realistically operate, too erratic to tame, an imminent fire hazard, and paradoxically too big to fail.  However for those looking to communicate even somewhat discretely, the chaotic byzantine nature of the Outer net is more of a blessing than a curse.  That being said, establishing a stable connection for any period of time can be a real headache.


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