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Pg. 10: Square One Point Five

Pg. 10: Square One Point Five published on No Comments on Pg. 10: Square One Point Five

The engineer’s returned, which means Markesha has to face her coworkers.

Whenever Markesha’s about to head out on a job, Toshi has a simple ritual she must follow: touch the pendant of the necklace worn around his wrist They’ve done this for 11 years. Toshi doesn’t think of himself as a superstitious man, but he can’t argue that when Markesha touches the pendant he manages to worry less, and she manages to stay out of trouble (for the most part). In fact, Toshi can remember the few times Markesha didn’t touch the necklace and how disastrous the consequences were – muggings, falls, fractures, broken ribs, a lacerated kidney, a stabbing. The list goes on. Toshi doesn’t mind Markesha’s grumblings as long as she’s safe, and in his mind this little ritual seems to keep her that way.

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