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Pg. 11: Mutual Assistance

Pg. 11: Mutual Assistance published on No Comments on Pg. 11: Mutual Assistance

Markesha has several dangerous options, but there’s a clear choice.

Let’s say that the proverbial shit has hit the fan and you’ve got to get out of town before daggers decorate your back. The tried and true way is finding room on a trade convoy to your safe destination with the help of a coyote, like Rio. If a coyote can’t be found, bribing a convoy worker to stow away is a viable option – until you’re found. Stowaways aren’t welcome travelers and you’d be dumped amid the wastes for the offense. Traveling thousands of miles by foot is difficult in the best of conditions, but in a world that’s turned into a dustbowl it’s a guaranteed death sentence. Happy trails!

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