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Pg. 13: Tipping Point

Pg. 13: Tipping Point published on No Comments on Pg. 13: Tipping Point

Markesha isn’t wasting anytime getting packed to leave the only home she’s ever known. Toshi reminds her there’s another option, but she’s not willing to hear it.

With so little food in Outer Trinity the idea of having more than a single bowl, plate or cup is rare. In each household a family member will usually have a single dish set. Tableware hasn’t changed much over 200 years however, and many of them are still made of ceramics.  Plastics while durable, aren’t preferred for dinnerware, as recycled plastics are the norm, and not all plastics are food safe. Outer City potters are the only places to acquire dishware, and many of them make their livings as the ancients did using kick-wheels and clay. Electric kilns and chemical glazes make beautiful patterns.

Thanks to the help of 355 backers, the Kickstarter has ended as a massive success!  We have raised over $13000, which not only pays for the Volume 1 print run, but ensures patches, guest art prints, and a printing of Midnight Run will be included with every Book Pack backer and above.  We expect to have all the backer rewards fulfilled by the end of August and will be keeping you in the loop of our progress.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped back, share, or otherwise assist with the campaign!


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