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Pg. 4: In Waiting

Pg. 4: In Waiting published on No Comments on Pg. 4: In Waiting

Back in the Halo, Logan relishes seeing Constance’s anxiety at seeing someone from her past, and Julian pushes Orson for answers.


The skill of driving isn’t necessary to many in Trinity. In fact it’s seen largely as a trade skill. For Outer City citizens driving or flying is something to put on the resume, a skill used to obtain the next job. For those of Inner Trinity driving is a leisure activity, and considered quite old fashioned by comparison to flight. Flying is a pastime in Inner Trinity used as both a means of showcasing status, providing transport to other city states and blowing off steam. Logan’s interest in flight has pushed his hobby to new heights. House Pierce holds popular airshows and has a dedicated “flight club” for Inner Trinity’s elite. Pierce even has a limited run of luxury flight crafts that are personally overseen by Logan himself. These crafts are sold exclusively to Inner City citizens or visiting dignitaries.

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