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Pg. 7: Elephant in the Room

Pg. 7: Elephant in the Room published on 6 Comments on Pg. 7: Elephant in the Room

Link’s eager to share his findings on Markesha’s parents but he’s come up empty handed on one of them.

As the son of a prominent Spyder, Link’s eager to prove himself as capable as his familial predecessors. You could call him a hacker, but Link likes to think of his work as more than that: He’s a researcher, data manipulator, and surveillance guru. Responsible for setting up security and observation systems around a target or safe house, Link takes pride in being the first line of defense against would be adversaries. Under Orson’s mentor-ship Link’s gift of gab has turned into a sharp tool for social engineering, making fieldwork even easier. Link also serves as Orson’s personal assistant and gopher, which can mean everything from compiling dossiers to running errands. Recruited a few weeks after Audrey, Link’s proven to be a great asset, but his personality leaves Orson reconsidering Link’s employment almost daily.


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