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Pg. 7: Real Power

Pg. 7: Real Power published on No Comments on Pg. 7: Real Power

Logan has Constance in a corner, but she’s not interested in his power play.

This state of the art hovercraft was christened “The Dagger” by Logan himself. The Dagger’s speed has been tested up to 300 MPH, has a weaponized sound system and includes thermal control to keep occupants comfortable in even the harshest conditions. The interior features a plush lounge for up to 6 people,1 large fold out bed, holographic visual displays, mobile office, bathroom, and a surprisingly large amount of storage space. The big mystery in all of this is what powers the thing, but Logan and his engineers have kept quiet on that one. Another question Logan’s dodged left and right is how he even got his hands on such a machine…

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