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Pg. 8: Numbing the Agent

Pg. 8: Numbing the Agent published on No Comments on Pg. 8: Numbing the Agent

Audrey and Link try to keep things cool. We’ll see how long that lasts…


One of the more useful tools in Audrey’s medical toolbox is a high strength topical anesthetic known as Myosocaine. Fast acting, and easy to target specific areas, myosocaine is used most often for installing subdermal computer implants like those Toshi has. Soaking into the skin the drug targets nerve endings, and temporarily shuts down their ability to react. This in turn, relaxes muscles at the applied area making it easier to dig around in tissue without a patient’s natural stressors causing them to tense up. The drug is fast acting and fast to dissipate. This means more involved medical procedures must be done quickly. As with all anesthetics myosocaine is a double edged sword: Use too much and it will damage nerve endings beyond repair. Use too little and a patient must endure the pain of the procedure…no matter how complex.

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