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Pg. 6: Work-Related Stress

Pg. 6: Work-Related Stress published on No Comments on Pg. 6: Work-Related Stress

How to make a headache go from bad to worse? Bring Logan in the room.

Happy 4th of July to everyone, we’re 4 whole days into July! Sounds like a good reason to celebrate to us.

Plots of cropland protected by the wall have several measures of safety used to keep them from harm. Each plot is equipped with an automatic greenhouse cover that shields precious plants from threats of frost, dust storms and more with the press of a button. However, Crop Protection Protocol 570-RM is a specific type of protective canopy used during threats of prolonged severe weather. A little rain never hurt anyone, but a lot of it can kill plants (and people). Created by a framework of metal poles, shatter-resistant plexiglass, and waterproof seals, these canopies can protect plants submerged in water for several weeks.A recent addition is their rain collecting system. Water that drains from the canopies is collected and siphoned through pipes below the fields to large holding tanks under the Inner City. From there it’s purified and used for watering crops and as emergency water supply. This emergency water supply is managed by the Trinity Council.

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