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SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 3

SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 3 published on 4 Comments on SoundBox (Wall Tales #2) Page 3

Kamikaze stumbles across a young girl who’s already two steps ahead! So much for grabbing the target.

We’re really excited to be officially announcing that the Kickstarter for Volume 2 will be launching May 24th.  Mark your calendars!


Fashion in the Outer City is ever changing, especially among the fringes of budding pop-culture. Bioluminescent genetic manipulation, tear duct piercings, holographic tattoos and the occasional addition of cybernetic animal based enhancements can be seen throughout the Outer City club districts. Recently, a new trend called “Lip Striping” has club goers applying a single stripe of lipstick on the bottom lip or down the chin. The idea stems less from fashion sense and more from a place of scarcity. Good make up in the Outer City is expensive, and sold in very small quantities, so fashion trends follow a simple rule – less is more.


SoundBox is a special hiatus spin-off comic.  Written by Malissa White, with art by Jamel Jones and colors by Hank Jones.

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