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Midnight Run Pg. 1

Midnight Run Pg. 1 published on 2 Comments on Midnight Run Pg. 1
Even in the barren unforgiving wastes beyond Trinity, you can find tales of Kamikaze’s exploits being told.   The details have a way of becoming more and more grandiose with each telling.

Feared by those in the city as vicious barbarians, most Outlanders lead spartan but rich lives in nomadic bands that wander the wastes.  Outlanders gather around open fires for what they’ve always been good for – warmth, cooking, and storytelling. Fuel sources for fires are another matter, as  wood is a precious commodity. To solve the problem, they hand make bricks of combustible chemicals and unusable fragments of trash. They’re easily snuffed with water or sand, and leftovers can be gathered for burning again or mashing into more bricks.

Midnight Run is a guest comic by Dan Jolley, Jamel Jones, and Licca Kirk.  The main story will resume soon.

Kamikaze updates every Wednesday. Follow us on Facebook or Tumblr for news and more!

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