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Pg. 10: What’s Needed

Pg. 10: What’s Needed published on 9 Comments on Pg. 10: What’s Needed

Audrey can’t contain her frustration with Orson’s latest mid-course correction any longer.

In a world without plants, paper is an incredibly rare commodity only used for significant documents or artworks in the highest echelons of society. Plastic Compu-foil is used for every day ads, brochures, any and all forms of physical documentation in the Outer City.  It’s cheap to produce, easy to print, and even allows for very limited moving images used to grab attention.

Habitual readers prefer to use more durable interactive tablets. Made of smooth clear plastic, a small emitter projects refracted light across its surface. These tablets are quite popular in the Inner City, but Outer City citizens tend to avoid them – especially because dust can build up inside the emitter. Cleaning fluids, pipe cleaners and even protective sleeves are sold to keep them dust free, but these solutions are rarely reliable. The tablets that Orson’s team use are handed over to Link weekly for a thorough cleaning of the emitters.

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